Flying Center I Details

Here's your chance to get inside the cockpit of a real plane. Cutting-edge technology lets you pilot real planes, in real-time.

Armed with a laser, take off and prepare for a nail-bitting duel with thirty other pilots. Your model jetfighter turns like a dream, and you'll have to push it to its limits to survive.

At dizzying speeds put your skills to the test in a competition unlike any you've ever experienced. You're wearing a VR headset for a true first-person perspective, turn your head left and you actually look left. You'll probably want to keep your eyes on the bogie in front of you, though.

Perform stunts to shake your would-be assasin. The plane you're flying is capable of high-G manuevers, but it won't take G forces to glue you to your seat.

Whether you're an ace or laser bait, the true flying experience BattleRC gives you will take your breath away. Real flight, coupled with edge-of-your-seat competition, is the kind of experience no computer game can give you.

Taking off and landing is a breeze, or you can have BattleRC staff do it for you. Once you're in the air, you travel at high speeds in an area larger than most parks. Scan the sky for your first victim, and in seconds you are engaged in a challenging duel trying to get the kill shot.

Wearing a VR headset, you view live video from a camera
mounted on the plane you are flying, with a HUD display that
gives you vital information. The BattleRC control system
includes telemetry for planes. Pitch, roll, altitude, speed and
position are all displayed. The planes are linked so that you
can view the positions of other pilots on a radar display. Select
your target and you are directed to the position of that plane.

View the locations section for details on where and when FC I will be open to the public.

Or schedule a visit from our mobile unit MU I. This is a system with 4 stations you and your friends can fly from. Have us come to you, anywhere RC flying is allowed.