Where is BattleRC going to be available?

When the first BattleRC Flying Center launches November 2014, it will be located in the Orange County/Los Angeles County area.

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Additionally, BattleRC Mobile Unit will be launching shortly after the FC. This is a completely mobile four station flying center. It will be available for events, contact info@dronelasertag.com for pricing.

This sounds expensive, how much does BattleRC cost?

See the schedule for details on pricing. If you will be in southern California, you can experience BattleRC for one hour at no cost November 2014. After that, using a station at the flying center is $2 for fifteen minutes.

I don't live there! When will I be able to fly?

BattleRC will be expanding to other metropolitan areas months after the first FC launches.

Also, starting Spring 2015 you will be able to experience BattleRC over the internet, with live video. The only requirements are a broadband internet connection and Window/Linux/Macintosh operating system. At that point BattleRC will be available internationally.

I've never flown a plane, but this sounds thrilling! How can I learn to fly?

Flying one of BattleRC's model planes is not difficult, but to enjoy the competition aspect some flying experience would be helpful. The easiest way to get flight experience is to fly a flight simulator on a computer. Flight simulators have progressed to the point where virtual reality flight experience prepares you sufficiently for flying model planes. There are a couple available for free, including Flight Gear.

BattleRC staff will take off and land your plane for you and help you to learn to fly, if you need help.

Are there regular competitions?

Competition is encouraged and organized with events hosted every month. Any visitor to a flying center can sign up for the ladder, which engages two pilots in a dual. This is a great way to show off your skill, but the real competition is in the form of teams, or squadrons. BattleRC members can organize or join a four to eleven person squadron, with battles between squadrons hosted regularly at our flying centers, culminating in an annual championship on both the individual and squadron levels.

What kind of planes are flown? Can I use my own plane with your system?

Currently Ace Sim RC's "Jet Street Fighter" is being used. BattleRC members can have the plane electronics mounted on their plane. The electronics can be mounted on any model aircraft, if the aircraft design allows.